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Group workshops are a great way to work on individual aspects whilst having the opportunity to share experience and ideas with others. Check out the calendar for details of forthcoming events.

Starter for 10

Client Attraction workshop

How to Make Time for Everything


Starter for 10

10 Minutes. 10 Days. £10

Something has to change. There is no way you want to be in the same situation this time next year!

But change doesn’t happen overnight. You don’t suddenly wake up with everything you want. Change starts with a small step; a seed that we plant, then nurture. It takes time and consistency and patience.

To help us change and be consistent we need to build good habits and routines into our daily life. We need to identify what we really want; where we are heading.

Starter for 10 is a simple (not necessarily easy) solution to get you started. It’s a catalyst for change. It won’t solve all your problems but it will help you take that vital first step. Over the 10 days you will highlight key areas to work on and be given the tools necessary to support you on this journey.

Date: Spring 2020

Venue: Online

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Client Attraction Workshop

In collaboration with Claire Cahill of Accendo Coaching & Training

  • Have you ever wondered what your ideal client looks and sounds like?
  • Have you ever thought about where your ideal client hangs out and who with?
  • How often do you sit down and think about the problems that you help your clients solve?
  • If you had a minimum of 12 positive “I AM” statements that you could use daily to support your mindset, what difference would that make to your life?
  • What compelling stories do you tell your audience to engage them in your products and services?
  • When your potential clients are engaged, what value will you add and what will you charge?

These are all questions that Claire and I ask our clients when we are taking them on a coaching journey to grow their business and maximise their opportunities.​

Over these 3 half day workshops we will take you on a journey of self discovery and by the end you will leave with the following outcomes:

  • 12 positive “I AM” statements that cement your positive belief mindset which you can use throughout the year as affirmations to inspire your confidence and keep moving you in the right direction if self doubt creeps in
  • A list of all the problems that you help your clients solve and how you can support them in their problem solving strategies so that you’re seen as the expert they need in their lives – a win/win situation for both parties
  • An avatar or avatars that clearly identifies what your ideal client looks, feels and sounds like as well as establishing where they hang out so that you can easily communicate with your ideal clients in the appropriate places saving you time and energy on your marketing
  • BE, DO, HAVE vision board that is linked to your goals so that you can see at a glance what you want to achieve and why, who you want to help and why as well as how you are going to celebrate success throughout the year
  • Created appealing packages so that when you are communicating with your ideal clients you can speak with confidence about the value you are offering for their investment
  • 90 day storyboard so that you know what compelling social media posts you will be delivering and how this is going to engage your ideal clients

Should you want further accountability to keep you on track, we will be offering a monthly mastermind session which is only available to people who have attended the workshop and will have limited numbers in the group.

Date: Thursday 30th January, 9.30am – 12.30pm

Venue: Carlton Park Hotel, Rotherham

Cost: £49pp per workshop or book all three for just £99! Includes refreshments, resources and worksheets

To book: email​

How to Make Time for Everything

Are you always wishing there was an extra hour in the day or an extra day in the week? Do you feel overwhelmed and forever chasing your tail? Is your ‘to do’ list never-ending?

You may want more time to spend with family or pursue hobbies and a social life. Maybe you’d like to learn a new skill or give back to your community. Or perhaps you just want to feel calmer and more relaxed.

During this workshop you will identify where you spend your time and reclaim control. Based on methods that I’ve tried out myself you will learn tools to start making more effective use of your time to create positive changes. You will be empowered to take action and leave feeling motivated and excited about the prospect of having time to do the things you want.

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Taking time out to focus on me. Something none of us do enough. New motivation to complete old goal and start the next stage of my change in life


Girlguiding leader

 The best thing about this workshop was having space to think about what’s important to me. Rebecca’s quiet calm and positivity makes anything seem possible