Wonder Walk

Monthly Wonder Walk

Wonder what my Wonder Walks are like? Listen to this piece from BBC Radio Sheffield when the lovely journalist Jenny Ells joined me in March 2018…

Walk in the woods
Reconnect with nature

Walking is a great way to enhance problem solving and encourage deeper thinking. I am a keen advocate of walking and talking and love the positive impact that going for a walk can have on all areas of our lives.

Wire Mill Dam
Reflect on your day

Leave your stresses and screens at home and enjoy a walk in beautiful surroundings, savour the peace and tranquillity, spot wildlife and meet new people. These walks enhance well-being through being active, connecting, taking notice and being mindful. The walks range in length and duration (normally no more than 2.5 hours) but always focus on well-being so you leave feeling refreshed and calm. Sometimes they might be out in the country, sometimes they are more urban, but all are chosen for their aspects of greenery or interest.

River Don
Ideas flow when walking

Walking is accessible to all ability levels and all you really need is a comfortable pair of shoes. When you need a break or have a puzzle to ponder then taking a walk helps your mind relax and I notice ideas flowing more easily.

These are a great opportunity to meet me and find out what I’m about. Ask me questions about coaching or simply come along and enjoy a walk!

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Rother Valley walkers talking
Connecting with others