Season’s of Life Programme

Make time for you and your projects!

In a world where we are constantly bombarded by information it can be hard to concentrate on what we actually want. Perhaps we are suffering with information overload and need to create some space. If we could just ‘download’ all that stuff from our head, sift through it and find the gems we could make huge leaps forward. If only we had the time and space to do so…

This Seasons of Life – Spring Forward day is designed to do just that:

  • Time, space and attention to work on yourself or your project
  • A whole day to put yourself first
  • Walk in the beautiful Peak District to let your subconscious get to work
  • Guided exercises to organise your thoughts and ideas so you can work through them
  • Identify what’s important and what needs doing
  • Opportunity to reconnect with yourself and your purpose
  • Share experience and ideas with like-minded people

By the end of the day you will:

  • Free up mind space to work on what matters
  • Be clear about your what you want
  • Have generated loads of new ideas
  • Have a clear action plan to work on that will take you nearer your goal
  • Leave feeling focused, motivated and refreshed

This day is for people who:

  • Are feeling overloaded or overwhelmed
  • Want time and space to work on their own projects
  • Want time and space to organise their thoughts and ideas
  • Would like support and encouragement to make things happen


Stepping stones
Time for planning

Why join this programme?

  • Identify your priorities and create a clear action plan that aligns with your values.
  • Dedicated time to work on personal or business goals and projects in a supportive, inspiring environment.
  • Guided activities and exercises to get you thinking deeper.
  • Increase your motivation, reduce stress and overwhelm and work smarter rather than harder.
  • Increase self-awareness and refocus energy.
  • Enhanced well-being through connecting with others and nature as well as reconnecting with ourselves and our goals.
Time for you

What does it involve?

We will start with an engaging workshop in the morning to look at what you actually want to achieve. Many people don’t really know what they want and that can be part of the problem! The afternoon will start with a beautiful mindful walk to let ideas percolate and develop from the morning; using nature to enhance our creative thinking and soothe the soul. Walking gets the blood pumping round the body which increases the flow of ideas. The day will end with guided reflection and planning before leaving full of enthusiasm and a clear action plan to implement over the coming months. This programme is all about making progress and moving forwards towards your desired outcomes.

What’s the investment?

£65 per person for a whole day to yourself! Share the experience with a friend – bring them along for just £40

Ready to join us?

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