How I can help you

With a range of services on offer there is a way to suit your requirements and help you move forwards, empower you to achieve your goals and create balance in your life…

1 to 1 Coaching

Working with me on an individual basis provides a powerful experience that will help you move forwards faster than you would working on your own. Working with a coach ins’t a sign of weakness – all successful people have coaching. See here for more details

Monthly Well-being Walks

I am a keen advocate of the great outdoors and recognise the positive impact that going for a walk can have on all areas of our lives. These Well-being Walks are designed to be a sociable way to get outdoors and enjoy a breath of fresh air. They incorporate several elements of the 5 Ways to Well-being. They are a great opportunity to come and find out more about what I do too.

These walks are open to anyone. If you want to know what they are like listen to this article that aired on BBC Radio Sheffield…

You can be added to my Walks List to receive information about forthcoming walks or follow my page on Facebook

Clarity in Motion

Have you got the seed of an idea germinating in your mind? Or a problem spinning round and round and you don’t know how to move forwards? Walking stimulates creative thinking and beautiful surroundings enhance the experience. You’ll be guided through a process to encourage you to think deeply and bring your ideas to life and solutions to the fore. This is dedicated time and space to work on your projects and ideas and you will leave with clarity and a focused action plan.


Group workshops are a great way to work on individual issues whilst having the opportunity to share experience and ideas with others. They are interactive and engaging, providing you with tools and techniques to make real progress.

Topics include: From Pain to Power and How to Make Time for Everything

Check out the calendar for information and details of the next one

*For more information about any of these services please get in touch or see the FAQ page