How many occasions have you said ‘I wish I had more time for xyz’, If only there were one more hour in the day’, ‘I just don’t have time’. We all have the same 24 hours but how we use them is what matters. This interactive workshop will give you the tools to spend your time in way that makes you feel great.

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How many times have you said…
*I wish I had more time to do xyz
*I just don’t have the time
*I feel like I’m always catching up
*If only there was one more hour in the day / day in the week!
We all have the same 24 hours in a day but how we use them can be incredibly different and can have a huge impact on how we feel.
Do you feel overwhelmed? Resentful? Regretful? Guilty? Tired? How would you like to swap those feelings for being in control, feeling organised, calm, satisfied, excited?
This workshop is about more than just time management. We’ll be looking at your beliefs around time, how you spend your time and identify what you actually want.
With lots of tools and a different perspective you’ll leave the workshop feeling more in control and with more understanding of how to make time for everything you really want to do!

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Tuesday 12th Feb
10am – 12noon
Wincobank Village Hall


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