Mandala of Self-Care Day Retreat

Litton Village Hall 3 Church Lane, Litton

Move from boredom, stress and stagnation to fun, joy and vitality during a day that will engage all your senses. By the end of Mandala of Self-Care you will feel alive again and know how to incorporate self-care into your everyday schedule. There will be play with watercolour paints, mindful walking, activities that will enhance […]


How to Have a Stress-Free Christmas!

Rag N Bone Weedon Street, Sheffield

Does the sound of Jingle Bells, jangle your nerves?! Hands up if you would like to feel calm, in control and enjoy this Christmas instead? Not everyone feels the same as a 6 year old on Christmas morning when they find a pile of presents from Santa! If you’re a busy mum that’s dreading Christmas […]


Starter For 10

Online Zoom

10 minutes for 10 days for £10.  So you're not happy with how things are. You want more time, more fun, more money and better health. This sounds so simple but for some reason you just keep going round in circles, which is incredibly frustrating! Starter for 10 is a simple (not necessarily easy) solution […]


JOY – Winter

Litton Village Hall 3 Church Lane, Litton

JOY: Journey of You :: CONNECTION :: :: DISCOVERY :: :: REJUVENATION :: You’re always putting everyone and everything above your own priorities and what you would really welcome is some time to yourself. Connect to your inner child – explore your playful and creative side through abstract watercolour painting and drawing (no need to […]