Having a coach isn’t a sign of weakness

1 to 1 Coaching

As your coach I work alongside you to find out what really matters to you, what your aspirations are and what you want in life. This knowledge then informs your plan of action to ensure you create lasting positive changes.

Working together we seek out and challenge limiting beliefs that may have been holding you back, so you achieve more than you thought possible. Not only will you learn tools to help in all areas of your life, you will also develop greater personal awareness to improve your mindset so you are more able to deal with whatever life presents. Coaching sessions provide you with the time and space to think and be fully listened to by someone non-judgemental.


How coaching can help


When we find ourselves at a cross road, not sure of which direction to take we may start to question who we are and what we want. This is where having a life coach can be invaluable. As your coach I guide you along this journey, helping you to:

  • identify your priorities and values
  • choose a destination to head for
  • check your skills and resources
  • see new opportunities and possibilities
  • refocus your energy and commitment
  • ensure that your well-being takes precedence

Coaching is a very individual and supportive process. Think of a coach as a critical friend, encouraging you every step of the way. A coach will challenge you to push yourself and stretch your comfort zone as that’s how we grow and develop.

Change is a process not an event. It takes time, commitment and determination.

As coaching is such a personal experience it’s vital that you find the right coach for you. I provide a free 30 minute Discovery Call to all of my potential clients.

See below for different options for 1 to 1 coaching. I’m also happy to discuss tailored packages where appropriate.


Magnificent 7 Package

What does it involve?

7 x 1 hour sessions over a period of 3 – 6 months

3 part process to mapping your success

Starting point

  • Establish a baseline measure of where you are currently – what’s going on and what challenges you are facing
  • DISC profiling to identify what your preferred communication style is which helps you to understand both yourself and others better. 
  • Identify and define what your values mean to you – ensuring your goals remain in alignment with them

What’s your destination?

  • Identifying your destination – where do you want to go?
  • Create a clear vision of what you want in life and why
  • List the benefits of getting to your destination – how will it improve your life?

Route planning

  • Look at the different options you could take
  • Identify any limiting beliefs or blockages that may be holding you back
  • Learn techniques to help you along the way
  • Determine any skills / resources / support you might need
  • List actions that you need to take in order to get to your destination
  • Establish milestones to keep track of your progress


ReView & ReFresh

What does it involve?

  • 2 hour concentrated session
  • Focussed review of where you are now. What’s working, what’s not etc (a sat nav needs to know where it is before setting a route)
  • Creating a vision of where you want to be and why (a strong enough ‘why’ will enable you to overcome any ‘how’)
  • Identifying what you want to start doing / stop doing / continue doing
  • Looking at your strengths and values so you know what you can do and what’s important
  • Identifying areas to work on and any potential barriers so you can plan how to overcome them

By the end of the session you will

  • Have a clear vision of what you want and why
  • Have a tailored action plan that you can implement immediately
  • Feel refreshed, optimistic and enthused about what you are doing


For more information about your 1 to 1 coaching options see here


FREE discovery call

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