Having a coach isn’t a sign of weakness


Speak to a successful person and I bet they’ve had coaching!

It’s an effective process to help you move from where you are now to where you want to be. Coaching is not about fixing you – I don’t believe you are broken! You have everything you need; as your coach I’m here to help you access your inner resources in a caring, structured and positive way. It’s about reconnecting with who you really are. Coaching empowers you to live your life more fully and with purpose. It helps you gain clarity, identify what’s important to you and gives you more choices as to how you engage with the world.

When you improve things in one area of your life you often find that other areas improve too. You will learn tools to support you in all areas of your life and improve your mindset so you are more able to deal with whatever life presents.


How coaching can help


Personal Development

  • Identifying your values and what’s important to you so you can make decisions with confidence
  • Understanding yourself better so you can lead a life more in alignment with what you want
  • Uncovering your limiting beliefs and obstacles that are preventing you from being your best self
  • Overcoming procrastination and increasing motivation
  • Recognising and utilising your current skills and strengths to build confidence


Living the life you want

  • Making the most of your time so you can do everything you want to do and create a work life balance that’s appropriate for you
  • Creating and developing positive habits and breaking negative patterns
  • Finding or rediscovering your purpose and sense of direction in life
  • Reducing stress and incorporating healthy habits that support holistic well-being
  • Improving mindset so that you can deal with whatever life presents
  • Opening up choices and opportunities so you no longer feel stuck
  • Releasing your creative side


Dealing with change

  • Cultivating a positive attitude to make the most of any circumstance
  • Learning to see situations from different perspectives
  • Deciding on career options and or education
  • How to deal with redundancy and what next
  • How to move forwards after a break up or divorce
  • Increasing confidence after a bereavement or other life changing circumstance



  • How to improve communication with family, friends or work colleagues
  • How to develop more fulfilling relationships in your work or personal life
  • How to understand others more effectively so as to build rapport


If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what  you’ve always got.

(Henry Ford)

If you want change, start by changing yourself

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is a fascinating model of techniques to aid personal development; it’s a specific type of coaching that works on a deep level by helping a person reprogram their brain in a more effective way. It takes a closer look at how we use language to help or hinder our progress.

As an NLP Practitioner I have a range of tools that can help people overcome various obstacles and challenges. This is something that I can incorporate into our coaching sessions where appropriate and previous clients have found the exercises really insightful.

Coaching Options

Coaching sessions can be conducted one to one or depending on what you are looking for, perhaps you might prefer my group coaching opportunities:

Clarity in Motion

Starter For 10

For more information about your 1 to 1 coaching options see here


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