Clarity in Motion

Clarity in Motion


What would be the impact of spending some quality time on a particular topic or project?

Eliminate procrastination, increase motivation and create a clear action plan with a coaching walk in the great outdoors.

Why walking?

Walking changes your physiology which stimulates creative thinking. Being in nature and beautiful surroundings enhances the experience as we are free from other distractions.

What is a coaching walk?

During the walk you will be guided through a 4 step coaching model that gets you thinking deeply. You will identify what you really want, why it’s important to you, generate ideas to find solutions and define a time frame to work to. This dedicated time and space to work on a particular issue or project enables you to leave with clarity, feeling motivated and with a clear action plan to keep you on track.

You will also have the opportunity to meet with other like minded individuals and the added bonus of improving your well-being through being out in nature.

This is a confidential process with no need to share if you don’t want to!


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