1 to 1 Coaching

More and more people are seeing the benefits of working with a coach. Speak to a successful person and I bet they’ve had coaching! It’s an effective process to help you move from where you are now to where you want to be. I get to know you, understand what you are about and what success means to you. It’s a specifically tailored individual process that encourages you to think deeply about your circumstances in a new light and provide you with the tools to make things happen.  Life Coaching puts you back in control of your life!


Going through periods of change and transition can lead to fear and uncertainty. When we feel like this we don’t always make the best decisions and can feel demotivated and lacking focus.

Working with a coach:

  • empowers you to take positive action
  • refocuses your energies and enthusiasm
  • improves your motivation and sense of satisfaction
  • clarifies your priorities and important things in life
  • gives you the tools to create life harmony.

Coaching is not about fixing you – I don’t believe you are broken! You have everything you need; as your coach I’m here to help give you access to your inner resources in a caring, structured and positive way. It’s about reconnecting with who you really are.

There are many different types of coaching – I have a wide range of skills and experience to bring to the coaching relationship so can support you in many different aspects. I particularly enjoy helping people find balance and lead a more fulfilling life. I provide you with the time, space and attention you need to work on yourself and  your aspirations. It’s a process which clearly identifies what you really want; assesses where you are now and allows us to generate a plan of action to get you to where you want, and deserve, to be.

All about you

As your coach I am 100% committed to you. I won’t be judgmental – I offer a safe space to discuss ideas and air concerns. Having a 1 to 1 session means I can really listen to you, which in this busy world is a rarity.  I have a range of tools and techniques that can be tailored to your needs – coaching is a very personal and individual journey.

Clients leave a session feeling energised and motivated with a clear action plan to work on. Clarity is power! You will have ideas to implement straight away – little changes lead to big results.

Coaching walk
Fresh air is great for creative thinking

Coaching can be conducted over the phone, via Skype or face to face (depending on location). If you enjoy the great outdoors I also highly recommend Coaching Walks which enhances the experience even further. There’s nothing quite like a good walk and talk.

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