I offer a range of services that can help you to move forwards and enhance your well-being
1 to 1 Coaching

Working with me on an individual basis provides a powerful experience that will help you move forwards faster than you would working on your own


Group workshops are a great way to work on individual issues whilst having the opportunity to share experience and ideas with others.

Topics include: From Pain to Power and How to Make Time for Everything

Check out the calendar for information and details of the next one

Monthly Well-being Walks

Walking is a great way to enhance problem solving and encourage deeper thinking. I am a keen advocate of walking and talking and recognise the positive impact that going for a walk can have on all areas of our lives.

These walks are free and open to anyone

Seasons of Life Programme

The changing of the seasons is a poignant indicator of the passing of time and a great way to track our progress through the year. This programme will run through the year with one day in each season. Nature will play a part in inspiring our creativity and enhancing our well-being.

Each day will consist of workshop time in the morning, a walk in the afternoon and time to reflect and create an action plan before leaving.

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