About me

My work life hasn’t been your average 9 to 5; I’ve always managed to combine several roles which has developed my skills in many areas and added variety to my routine. I have worked in numerous types of roles over the years, from teaching, training, community work, project work and the outdoor industry. I feel privileged to say that on the whole I’ve never had that Monday morning feeling of dreading going back to work.

I got hooked on personal development when I read ‘Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway’ by Susan Jeffers in 2000.  It had a life changing experience for me as it opened up a whole new way of looking at the world. Since then I’ve read many books, listened to audios, watched videos and attended courses. Life Coaching entered my radar several years ago and it sounded right up my street but it was a while before I actually started looking into doing my training. I attended the Coaching Academy free 2 day taster event and found it a powerful experience – especially completing an exercise called the Rocking Chair Test. After some serious thought I decided to take a leap of faith and sign up to complete my Diploma in Personal Development Coaching. It was a large financial investment for me but I realised that if I wanted to improve my life I had to be willing to commit. The training was enjoyable, challenging (as it was mainly distance learning I had to be very self-disciplined) and life enhancing. It pulled together all my previous learning and provided me with a comprehensive toolbox so that I can support other people to be their best. For me learning never stops so I am now undertaking my NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) training so that I have even more tools to help my clients and improve my own life.

Sense of Direction encapsulates my love for walking as well as the personal development aspect. It was during a walk that I came up with the concept of Sense of Direction. Walking has given me many pleasures and skills over the years, including:

  •         a sense of peace and calm when I need it
  •         space to think and wonder
  •         shared social interaction – walking with friends old and new
  •         opportunity to travel to new, beautiful places, both at home and broad
  •         increased fitness
  •        developing my map reading and navigation skills

I want to share some (or all!) of these things with you. Walking is great for enhancing creative thinking and time to ponder ideas. Although I’m happy to work with clients in a number of ways, I believe walking and talking is best.

I’ve been leading guided walks for a well respected holiday company for 9 years as well as enjoying personal walking in some wonderful places. Gaining my Mountain Leader (ML) award was a very proud moment for me as it took lots of hard work, sweat and tears to complete.

I can’t wait to help you find your own ‘Sense of Direction’!

‘Solvitur Ambulando’ (If in doubt, walk)