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At times we find ourselves drifting along through life wondering how we got to this point and asking if this is the best we can do. Maybe you’ve been in a job you love but the daily grind is getting you down and you leave work feeling stressed or even worse, bored. You may be going through a period of transition – perhaps wanting a change of career, facing redundancy, going through separation, coming up to retirement or the kids have grown up and left home (or perhaps you can’t get rid of them!). Although at first glance these circumstances can sound scary or upsetting they can also be a great catalyst for change.

Rebecca. Life Coach

How would you like to take control of your life? Find your direction and get on the right track?

As a great lover of the outdoors I know that coaching combined with being in the fresh air is an ideal stimulus to creative, solution oriented thinking; finding your own Sense of Direction will lead you to lasting change. I offer a number of services that can empower you to make a difference.

Working with a Coach is a powerful way to enhance your life and well-being. Successful people employ a coach – it isn’t a sign of weakness.


  • empowers you to take positive action
  • refocuses your energies and enthusiasm
  • improves your motivation and sense of satisfaction
  • clarifies your priorities and important things in life
  • gives you the tools to enhance your work / life balance.

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